Composable Code - Joel Richman

November 14, 2019

How robust is your code? Can it be easily reorganized? Does it directly communicate success? Failures? Are exceptions handled gracefully? Is inserting a new step challenging? Are your unit tests fragile due to code complexity? Come and learn techniques that you can implement right away to create single responsibility code that is composable, testable, and makes a robust pipeline for executing operations.

About the Presenter

Joel Richman started writing code as a teenager on the Commodore 64. This early exposure inspired him to go into software engineering. He has been building applications professionally for 25 years mostly in the Microsoft stack. His entry into development was writing business rules in C for a tax preparation application for accountants. This progressed into working for a number of different companies mostly in K12 education, financial and medical industries. The last 10 years have had an emphasis on web UI and APIs using C# and modern JS frameworks. Today, he consults full time helping companies architect and build enterprise applications.


This event is being hosted by HealthEquity.